Pre Tender Services

Probability Studies

To provide pre-contract cost advice efficiently by conducting Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Cost Appraisals during the concept and schematic design stage. To develop Cost Plans on working drawings based on quantification and estimation for proposed projects with due focus on the client's needs and objectives. As an integral part of the services, the client will be advised about construction cost concerning their proposed project (institutional, commercial, or public project) at the earliest stage of the deliberations. This advice will assist the client in determining the feasibility of the project, prior to design. Upon accumulated experience and recorded cost data, an estimate of the probable cost will be prepared which will be consistent with the known requirements.

Budgeting & Cost Estimation

Productions of detailed budget based on available designs and advise on basic levels of costing. Estimation of material, equipment, and labor costs for services based on available design documents (drawings, specifications, and bill of items).This stage includes cost planning during the design development phase reflecting a planned allocation of the estimated cost. From the preliminary drawings an estimate will be developed to show the cost of each functional element of the construction and its relationship to the whole. This preliminary cost plan will relate to all subsequent cost planning and financial changes, which will help the client to judge the economic viability, not only of the entire project but also of each part, and together with the designer, may make any necessary changes, which may be required with full knowledge of their effect on the original budget. Following the design development stage during which the cost plan will have been established, the designer will start Working Drawings, which will involve consideration of detailed design of all parts of the building. During this stage, Costveyors will provide continuous cost support and advise using the cost plan as a basis for checking the viability of the evolving design against the budget. We shall also advise the client and design team of the cost implications of alternative design solutions. If the proposed design details exceed the budget, the team will advise where savings in other elements can be made to compensate for the over expenditure, or, alternatively, will investigate other design solutions with the design team in an attempt to bring the cost of the element within its target range.

Tender Package, Review & Management

This includes preparing detailed Bills of Quantity (BOQ) forStructural, MEP, Architectural & ID Works and other tender documentation to acquire fair and equitable tenders for the project. Tender Documents include General & Particular Conditions of Contract, Preliminaries, Instructions to Tenderers, Method of Measurements, Preparation of Pre-Tender Estimate, Letter of Intent, Letter of Award and liaison with technical consultants to produce a complete tender package. It also comprises of management for the complete tender process i.e. invitation for tender, support during tender period, tender evaluation and negotiating contracts, etc.

Functional Cost Analysis

When required, a functional cost analysis of the project, based on the accepted tender will be prepared. A functional cost analysis shows the cost of various functions contained within a project, for instance, the cost of retail and residential areas, cost derived on each hotel room, classrooms in schools or patient areas in hospitals, offices, circulation space, mechanical rooms etc.

Quantity Surveying

Production of detailed quantity takeoffs with comprehensive measurements, backup sheets and reconcilement of existing bills of quantity on the basis of available design documents (drawings, specifications, and bill of items).

Value Engineering

Review of design documents and introduction of design alternative proposals to produce potential savings including complete evaluation of advantages and disadvantages.

Risk Assessment

Assessment and valuation of risk factors based on specific contract conditions and design documents.

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