Post Tender Services

Contract Review

Review of Contract documents to ensure security of all Contractor / Employer rights and execution of all necessary clauses and conditions, especially disbursement of advance moneys against sureties, compliance of contractual conditions by the contractor and their follow-up.

Variations & Claims

Preparation of variations and claims to be submitted to Engineer / Employer in accordance with Contract procedures and requirements. Alternatively, review and analysis of variations and claims submitted by Contractor, and preparation of appropriate documentation.

Valuation of Construction Work

Evaluation and Certification for the interim and final payments of the work done in accordance with the Conditions of Contract. Additionally, assessment of extra / additional Items, evaluation of material on / off site, monitoring of indemnities as per conditions of contract, preparation of monthly and bi-monthly Financial Reporting, cash flow forecasting, as Completed Cost Analysis and settlement of Final Account.

Contract Administration

Regular review of procedures, time schedule and correspondence to ensure proper administration of the Contract during the currency of the project.

Management of Contract Procurement

To ensure that the route adopted is the best-fit for the client's requirements / desired project objectives. Also includes maintenance of detailed log books for accurate inventory.

Mediation & Arbitration

In case of disputes between parties, mediation sessions will be conducted in accordance with regulations. And if mediation is unsuccessful, assuming the role of Arbitrator in accordance with standard procedure, a fair determination will be conducted of each party's rights.

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