Planning And Scheduling

Project planning is defined as developing the basis for managing the project, including the planning objectives, deliverables, interim work products, procedures, organization, chain of activities, resources types and numbers, timing, routines and finances. Project planning is a complex and iterative task which typically involves Identification of all of the tasks to be performed given the scope of the project and the technical and business constraints; Estimating the effort and cost of completing each task and Project scheduling.

Project scheduling is one of the critical management tasks as it dictates the time frames in which the project will be completed, the budgets/costs in terms of resource requirements and the sequence of tasks to be completed. Project scheduling is defined as the process of determining when project activities will take place depending upon defined durations and precedent activities. Schedule constraints specify when an activity should start or end, based on duration, predecessors, external predecessor relationships, resource availability, target dates or other time constraints.

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