Contract Management

Contract management as an activity is the process of managing contracts, deliverables, deadlines, and contract terms and conditions while ensuring clients satisfaction. It determines the conformity of work as per the contract documents and provides an opportunity to develop and administer the Contract Stipulations avoiding any ambiguities or conflicts in the understanding of the contract. Moreover, to ensure operational and financial performance is maximized, and risks are minimized.
Our Engineers and Contract Managers have significant experience in construction contracts (FIDIC, government contracts, international contracts) in line with PEC norms who carry out the interpretation of different Contractual Stipulations in order to meet the Client and Project requirements. Therefore, we assist our Clients by performing following principal accountabilities: 

  • The development and application of solicitation procedure and writing the draft Contractual documents / Correspondence as per Client/Project requirement.
  • Monitoring the Contractor’s progress and performance to ensure goods and services conform to his Contractual obligations.
  • Verifying & authorizing payments consistent with the Contract terms.
  • Exercising Contractual remedies, as appropriate, when Contractor’s performance is deficient.
  • Resolving disputes in a timely manner.
  • Controlling the documentation of significant events.
  • Managing the maintenance of appropriate records.

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